Please use the following guidelines in preparing and submitting your proposal for an invited theme session:

  • Proposals for invited theme sessions have no page length requirement, but are typically 2 - 6 pages in length. Please keep in mind that reviewers appreciate concise documents.
  • In the proposal introduction, please clearly state and motivate the objective of the session topic. Moreover, please explain why the topic is relevant to the controls community and the objectives of the CCTA 2017.
  • Following the introduction, the organization of the session should be described. List the 5-6 papers with author information and a brief summary, and explain why each paper is included. Summarize how these papers comprise an interesting and cohesive session on the theme topic. References and figures can be included as needed.
  • After submitting the Invited Session proposal through PaperPlaza, you will be given a session code. All authors in your session should submit their papers using this session code; therefore, session organizers must submit their proposals in advance, so that authors have time to submit their papers before the February 1, 2018 deadline.

All Invited Session papers will be reviewed individually. In rare cases, the Program Committeemay remove individual papers from a proposed session and replace them with appropriatecontributed papers. In case an entire proposed session is rejected, selected papers submittedthrough the normal process may eventually still be accepted as regular contributed papers.